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Electrical Services

Electrical Services

Electrical Jobs are complex and daunting to even the most passionate do-it-yourself.  We encourage anyone to seek professional help before attempting to fix electrical problems. We all know the dangers one faces if they are not trained to complete an electrical job. It could lead to serious electrical burn, might cause damage to property or much worse.

Our highly trained and licensed electricians take every precaution to ensure the safety of everyone and for the job to be completed correctly.

Our objective is to ensure that the electrical installations are in line with the relevant codes and standards to ensure the safety of people and animals.

Residential and Commercial Electrical Services

Fult-finding service calls for general repairs
Installation of new or replacement lighting, switches, outlets and distribution boxes.
Upgrading of old electrical systems i.e. wiring, DB boards, etc.
Electrical Services

Our team attends to all types of residential and commercial electrical work.